Car safety for your dog!!

Car safety for your dog!!

Travelling with dogs can be stressful, especially when they have their head hanging out the window and will not sit still. Not to mention how dangerous it can be to have your dog roaming freely whilst on the road.

Our pup never used to be a great traveller and would often get extremely restless and whine on even the shortest of journeys. After a few trips with her riding in the boot of the car we were so conscious of her safety and realised quickly we needed something to keep her secure. On one occasion I remember having to make quite an abrupt stop and heard her thud against the back of the car. I felt terrible, even though she was unscathed I knew from that moment that it wasn’t sensible to carry on this way.

We invested in a dog carrier which easily attached to the headrest on our back seats. We also used the carrier as a makeshift bed when we went away, which provided a comfortable and private place for Roma to rest her head- we love anything that’s multi-purpose.

As she got older the carry case become a bit too confined for her liking (and a bit stuffy in the hot summer months) so we swapped to a safety belt instead. They are super easy to use, with one end attached to your dogs’ harness and a universal belt buckle that fits most cars. The adjustable strap meant she could still stand or lay down with ease. Now we travel with peace of mind and a much happier dog.

Don’t take risks and make travel safety a number one priority!  

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